"A charming and witty account of their first year living the dream and will have you yearning for white sands and adventure." ( Indepenpress )


 Choice not chance determines destiny

When Tony and his wife Sue were caught in the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami that devastated hundreds of thousands of lives, they wanted more than to return to the rat race of suburban life, they wanted to 'live the dream'.




After careful consideration, or possibly in a moment of insanity, they decided that the dream was to run a guest house on a remote paradise island off the coast of Brazil.


And so began the most amazing, frustrating, and bewildering time of their lives as they gave up their careers, sold up all their belongings and moved to Moreré, a tiny, isolated fishing village on the tip of the Island of Boipeba in sunny Bahia.



With a scant knowledge of the local language, no previous experience in the hospitality business and a determined attitude what could possibly go wrong?


Follow the first year of Tony and Sue´s attempts to get to grips with a new life in a village where people seemed to speak "in code", there were no telephones or internet and a business  needing a major rebuild with the nearest stock of supplies a four hour boat ride away. To top it all no-one had mentioned snakes...!




"Just finished the book this morning on the bus to work. The other passengers did look at me funny for laughing out loud. Fabulous story"  

Available in Paperback or as an eBook (all formats)